Medi-Tech Spand-Gel Primary Hydrogel Sheet

Medi-Tech Spand-Gel Primary Hydrogel Sheet

  • FSA Approved
  • Latex Free

Medi-Tech Spand-Gel Primary Hydrogel Sheet provides a moist, cool, wound-healing environment which may promote granulation tissue formation. It relieves pain, burning, itching and soreness and absorbs wound exudates three times its weight. Provides a barrier from exogenous bacteria and fluids, and does not adhere to tissue.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
SPHSA3 3" x 8" Sheet Each
SPHSA4 4" x 4" Square Each
SPHSA5 5" x 9" Sheet Each
SPHSA5 5" x 9" Sheet 30/Pack
SPHSA8 8" x 8" Sheet Each
SPHSA8 8" x 8" Sheet 30/Pack


  • Medi-Tech Spand-Gel Primary Hydrogel Sheet contains two powerful skin soothers: moisturizing hydrogel and healing aloe vera
  • Patients are comfortable and compliant with the dressing sheets
  • Highly conformable and permeable
  • Absorbs varying amounts of drainage, depending on composite
  • Healing time is accelerated when Spand-Gelâ„¢Hydrogel Sheets are in place
  • Dressing can be re-hydrated and re-applied
  • Clear exterior film provides visibility
  • Does not adhere to the tissue
  • May inhibit scar formation
  • Easy to use
  • Latex free
  • Sterile
  • Unscented
  • Indications:
     - To prevent skin breakdown and manage thermal
     - 1st- and 2nd-degree burns
     - Superficial burns
     - Donor wound graft sites
     - Excoriation associated with dermatological procedures
     - post-operative incisions
     - Stages I to III dermal ulcers, laser resurfacing 
     - Management of radiation-induced dermatitis
     - Plastic reconstructive surgery, head, neck and breast surgery

More Information

  • Preparation
    - Wash and dry your hands. The Spand-Gel hydrogel sheet does not have to be refrigerated before you use it for the first time
    - If you do refrigerate it, please remove the entire package from the refrigerator at least 30 minutes before you are ready to use it
    - Cleanse the wound as directed by your Nurse
    - Open the foil pouch and remove the hydrogel sheet. Save the foil pouch to store the hydrogel sheet when not in use (or use a plastic zip-lock bag)
    - Remove the blue plastic film liner from one side.
    Note: the breast wrap has (2) clear liners…remove one of the clear liners. Save the liner and store it in the foil pouch. The clear plastic liner left on the other side will prevent the gel-like substance from sticking to clothes. It will also keep the gel from drying out 
  • Application
    - Place the side of the hydrogel sheet from which the film has been removed onto the affected area, as directed by your Nurse
    - Make sure it is centered so that the entire wound area is covered
    - The dressing sheet can be held in place with the appropriate size of MT Spandage tubular elastic retainer net 
  • Removal
    - The frequency of dressing changes will depend entirely upon the nature and condition of the wound. On clean, lightly exuding wounds, the dressing may be left undisturbed for 2-3 days but on more heavily exuding wounds, daily changes may be required
    - Carefully remove the hydrogel sheet by slowly lifting at the corner or edge - If the dressing appears or feels dry, moisten with sterile water or normal saline around the edges prior to removing it completely
    - If no exudates accumulate, rinse off the hydrogel sheet with sterile water or normal saline. After rinsing the hydrogel sheet place the blue plastic film liner (which you removed during preparation) onto the rinsed side of the hydrogel sheet and return it to the foil pouch or place in a plastic zip-lock bag. Store the pouch or plastic bag in the refrigerator in preparation for a 2nd application 
  • 2ND Application
    - Remove the foil pouch from refrigeration at least 30 minutes before you are ready to re-apply the hydrogel sheet
    - Apply & Remove as directed above. 
  •  Contraindications
    - Infected wounds, unless dressing is used in conjunction with appropriate topical antibiotic.

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