Frequently Asked Questions on Dressing Retainers

Dressing Retainers
What are dressing retainers?
Dressing retainers are valuable for wound care procedures and are designed to hold bandages securely without the need for adhesives. They are made of conforming, hypoallergenic, non-latex, elastic material and have built-in windows that afford a view of the primary dressing. Available in a variety of sizes that can be adjusted to the circumference of different body parts.
Dressing retainers are created to keep dressings, creams, intravenous lines and devices (e.g. splints) in place without causing discomfort. Since they are made of elastic, they do not provide compression but secure dressings.
Retention dressings eliminate need for adhesive tape which is a benefit for patients with fragile or sensitive skin.
What are the features or benefits of a dressing retainer?
Dressing retainers:
  • Are soft and flexible
  • Secure appliances
  • Serve as a secondary dressing to keep primary dressings in place
  • Serve as a securing device to keep medical tubing and other medical devices in place
  • Are easy to customize to meet individual needs
  • Secure burn dressings
  • Secure post-op dressings
  • Retain hot or cold packs
  • Secure IV tubes
  • Retain incontinence pads
  • Secure decubitus ulcer dressings
What precautions should you take when using dressing retainers?
• Do not damage the dressing retainer while picking with forceps
• Check to ensure that the dressing retainer is not torn
• If it is damaged, then immediately switch to a new one
What are the precautions for use Dressing Retainers?
• Do not damage the Dressing Retainer while picking with forceps
• Do check if the Dressing retainer is torn
• If damaged, please immediately switch to a new one
What are tubular retainers?
Tubular dressing retainers are a type of retention device designed to hold bandages securely without adhesive. They are easy to put on and remove and when properly applied, they conform to the shape of the bandaged part. Dressing retainers should be worn in a single layer and not be used as a dressing. The correct size should be used to ensure that they are comfortable on the patient. These types of retainers cannot be used to put pressure or be applied to edematous limbs.