Frequently Asked Questions on Eye Pads

Eye Pads
What are Eye Pads?
Eye Pads are specially formulated pads that are used to soothe the eyes.
What are the reasons to apply Eye Pads?
• To rest the eye
e.g., hyphaema, vitreous haemorrhage.

• To aid healing following trauma
e.g., corneal abrasion.

• To protect the eye
e.g., following surgery and procedures requiring corneal anaesthesia.
What are the features and benefits of an Eye Pad?
• Oval shaped to fit perfectly
• Each Pad contains absorbent cotton and wonder filter wrap
• Extra white soft and hygienic
• Fabricated using super fine cotton
• Covered with finest bandage & non woven layer
• Offered with or without adhesive
• Obtainable in universal sizes
What is the main application of an Eye Pad?
Eye Pad is used for Eye Injury care (external use only).
Why do I need special products for the eye area?
The tissue around the eye is the thinnest on the body and therefore will show the first signs of aging. It is important to treat this delicate area differently with a specific eye treatment.
Can I use the Eye Pads more than once?
No, as all the ingredients in the product will have absorbed into your skin during the treatment. The second time won’t be as effective.